Films we have made so far

“Night Dreams” DVMission 2018 48 Hour Film Challenge

Title: Night Dreams
Genre: Zom Rom Com
Dialogue: “We all go a little mad sometimes.. Haven’t you?”
Nominated for Best Actress & Best Non-Professional Film

FaceTime – Horror Short
Sophie & Julie in their bedrooms speak to each other via FaceTime, reminiscing about when they were at boarding school and the chant they would say before they went to sleep:

Winter of our discontent

Was the hope drunk where in you dressed yourself

Hamlet – To Be Or Not To Be

The Room

Three people are trapped in a room, who are they, why are they there, who is in control, who is being tested, the watched or the watchers?
Following on from the “Man With No Face” we see a darker side to the shadowy under belly of British intelligence, called the Agency.


This is the first in the Agency films, based on a short story by Graham Thomas it tells of the recruitment of Kendall into the Agency.

Kendal returns home after knocking someone or thing over, what was it?
He tells his wife Helen, but she doesn’t seem to be that interested, why?
Eventually Kendal phones the police.
An Inspector arrives to question Kendal, but un be-known to Kendal seems to be more interested in Helen.
Kendal gives a statement to the Inspector who doesn’t seem that interested, why?
The following day Kendal returns home to find his wife, and the Inspector playing house, the Inspector tells him that there has been a development in the case, Kendall isn’t prepared for what happens next….
This is the start of the Agency series of films, we are introduced to it’s leader, Cain & his loyal deputy Davies.
What is the agency and what are its methods of recruiting people..


The final film in the Trilogy written by Graham Thomas

A year later, Cathy is now a seasoned pro. She is comfortable with the Agency and has been on many missions with her team. Andrews has supposedly been hunting down rogue agents who were responsible for the killings and the terrorising in the first two films. One last assassin is holed up in a theatre. Andrews sends in the entire team to investigate as they have lost with Ruth and Abel the two agents initially detailed to eliminate the rogue agent. First to go in are Cathy, Nick, Dylan and Noah. As they begin their sweeps through the building Andrews sends in Seth and Nadia as well.

Once inside, however, the team discover that there being stalked. Gradually, the team starts to get eliminated, one by one. Andrews, realising it has all gone wrong, goes into the theatre himself to deal with it. The last two agents, Nick and Cathy in their final sweep are suddenly confronted by the killers. Nick is shot and as Cathy is tending to him she gets a terrible surprise when she discovers that one of the killers is her twin sister, who she never knew existed. We find that Andrews has all along been deceiving the Agency and selling the services of the trained assassins to the highest bidders. The two killers are there to stop Andrews and the rest of his team.

But this will not be the last you will hear from the “Agency“, we plan to make a prequel to this series called “The Man With No Face“, also a sequel to “I23 Report“, and finally a feature film called “The Ark Legacy” which will fill in the narrative gaps between the series of shorts and we will see the characters from the previous films in flash backs.


I made this film on my own, not happy with the lightning but over all pleased with the results.

Its a horror short film, man wakes up hearing noises investigates but finds nothing, returns to bed then..


(Please note: this is not a Catherine Court Pictures Film)

This is the first in the Trilogy written by Graham Thomas.

Cathy comes home to her sister’s house (after a night out), where she is staying for a while to get over a rather bad break up. She is alone in the house. As she prepares for bed she begins to hear noises in the house. The radio goes on by itself, then the TV goes on by itself. She hears voices whispering her name. When she looks out the window she sees the car that her date, Rick, arrived in is still there. He suddenly appears at the window. She runs upstairs but the voices keep chasing her getting louder and louder. Something, or someone is in the house. She manages to get to the kitchen where whatever it is attacks her.

A car pulls up outside. Four men in black get out and enter the house. Cathy is huddled on the floor in the kitchen. We discover that everything she has experienced has been an experiment by Cain, the team leader, that has gone horribly wrong.

She is taken away by the Agency.

Please note this film was not made by Catherine Court Pictures


Intruders is the second in a Trilogy of films written by Graham Thomas.

It follows the “Agency” a Government department setup to create an army of female assassins (The Agency does this by subjecting the trainees to a series of images and sounds, bombarding their senses until they are completely open to the training and indoctrination) under the control of Cain (Graham Thomas). The group is lead by Andrews (Richard Clarke) who has his own agenda, he is accompanied by Nick (Jamie House), Cathy (Jacky Brown), Davis (Rob Billen), Dylan (Elliott Wheeler), Nadia (Tanya Stockting), Seth (Pete Davidson) & Noah (Ian Morrison).

Time has passed since Cathy was taken away by the Agency in “I 23 Report”. She has been trained and is a member of the Agency.

Sent to rescue a trainee Agency field operative, they run into difficulties, because there is someone else in the building and as they move through it they find that the trainee is dead. For Cathy this is her first time in the field and it all goes badly wrong. She panics and accidentally kills her team leader, Davis, along with wounding another team member, Dylan.

Andrews, the project leader arrives, with Seth, Nadia and Noah. They try to clean up and contain the mess. But there are more of these unseen killers out there.