In Production

Here you will find some of the projects we are working on at the moment and ideas for new projects.
Keep coming back for more updates.

Short Films:

Garden Party

This is based on King Lear’s “Blow Winds and Crack Your Cheeks…” speech. Helen has arranged a garden open day, invitations sent out, garden looking good, plenty of food and drink for the grand opening, but then, it starts to rain, or does it. Helen’s day has just got worse…

Fear the living

It is 20 years after an earth shattering event that wipes out 90% of the earths population, sending the survivors back to the stone age. Our heroine, Kira wonders the desolate country side her thoughts her only companion. What is she searching for, what is the purpose of the journey, will we ever know?
“It has been confirmed, that initial estimates for the spread of the virus; which has been dubbed: H3N2:16-3 by the newspapers, have been completely wide of the mark. The World Health Organisation has now reported that the virus is fatal in 100% of all cases, they have also said, 80% of the world’s population have been infected. Is this the end of mankind?”

Full Trailer

Posted some test shots of the costume for this short film

Feature Films:

“The Ark Legacy”

This is going to me a huge undertaking for us, a full length feature film. We have finished the back stories for the main characters, starting work on the scenes, then its onto writing the dialog.

Click here to download the opening scene.

projects in development:

Murdered by Shakespeare

The idea for this came about from the series of Modern Shakespeare shorts we are doing, specifically the “Now is the Winter of our Discontent” short.
Synopsis – A disgruntled production company executive (Edmund Jones), hires a hitman “The Bear” to take out his ex-partner (Antony Richardson) and his cast and crew whilst they are filming “All the Worlds a Stage”, which he says was stolen from him.
The hitman turns out to be a struggling actor and ex special forces (Sean Johnson) who takes on hits to supplement his income.
The murders are carried out as they appear in Shakespeare’s plays. As they are enacted, “The Bear” quotes Shakespeare, the lines may not be associated to the particular method of the murder, but will have context to the situation.
We have 74 deaths in Shakespeare’s plays to choose from, so no limit to what we can do.
Now we have to write the script….