This is the first in the Agency films, based on a short story by Graham Thomas it tells of the recruitment of Kendall into the Agency. Kendal returns home after knocking someone or thing over, what was it? He tells his wife Helen, but she doesn’t seem to be that interested, why? Eventually Kendal phones the police. An Inspector arrives to question Kendal, but un be-known to Kendal seems to be more interested in Helen. Kendal gives a statement to the Inspector who doesn’t seem that interested, why? The following day Kendal returns home to find his wife, and the Inspector playing house, the Inspector tells him that there has been a development in the case, Kendall isn’t prepared for what happens next…. This is the start of the Agency series of films, we are introduced to it’s leader, Cain & his loyal deputy Davies. What is the agency and what are its methods of recruiting people..