The final film in the Trilogy written by Graham Thomas A year later, Cathy is now a seasoned pro. She is comfortable with the Agency and has been on many missions with her team. Andrews has supposedly been hunting down rogue agents who were responsible for the killings and the terrorising in the first two films. One last assassin is holed up in a theatre. Andrews sends in the entire team to investigate as they have lost with Ruth and Abel the two agents initially detailed to eliminate the rogue agent. First to go in are Cathy, Nick, Dylan and Noah. As they begin their sweeps through the building Andrews sends in Seth and Nadia as well. Once inside, however, the team discover that there being stalked. Gradually, the team starts to get eliminated, one by one. Andrews, realising it has all gone wrong, goes into the theatre himself to deal with it. The last two agents, Nick and Cathy in their final sweep are suddenly confronted by the killers. Nick is shot and as Cathy is tending to him she gets a terrible surprise when she discovers that one of the killers is her twin sister, who she never knew existed. We find that Andrews has all along been deceiving the Agency and selling the services of the trained assassins to the highest bidders. The two killers are there to stop Andrews and the rest of his team. But this will not be the last you will hear from the “Agency“, we plan to make a prequel to this series called “The Man With No Face“, also a sequel to “I23 Report“, and finally a feature film called “The Ark Legacy” which will fill in the narrative gaps between the series of shorts and we will see the characters from the previous films in flash backs.