Intruders is the second in a Trilogy of films written by Graham Thomas. It follows the “Agency” a Government department setup to create an army of female assassins (The Agency does this by subjecting the trainees to a series of images and sounds, bombarding their senses until they are completely open to the training and indoctrination) under the control of Cain (Graham Thomas). The group is lead by Andrews (Richard Clarke) who has his own agenda, he is accompanied by Nick (Jamie House), Cathy (Jacky Brown), Davis (Rob Billen), Dylan (Elliott Wheeler), Nadia (Tanya Stockting), Seth (Pete Davidson) & Noah (Ian Morrison). Time has passed since Cathy was taken away by the Agency in “I 23 Report”. She has been trained and is a member of the Agency. Sent to rescue a trainee Agency field operative, they run into difficulties, because there is someone else in the building and as they move through it they find that the trainee is dead. For Cathy this is her first time in the field and it all goes badly wrong. She panics and accidentally kills her team leader, Davis, along with wounding another team member, Dylan. Andrews, the project leader arrives, with Seth, Nadia and Noah. They try to clean up and contain the mess. But there are more of these unseen killers out there.