Catherine Court Pictures is an Independent Film Company established in 2014 to make films with like minded people, we have recently teamed up with “Limelight Pictures“.

We have several films in the pipe line, “Murder by Shakespeare“, our feature film “The Ark Legacy” and several smaller projects including a Horror short (FaceTime).

We are always on the look out for Actors, Crew (especially Lighting & Sound), Script writers, Costume, Make-up, basically anyone who has an interest in making films. We make low, sometimes no budget films, we all give our time freely, but we do try and reimburse were we can, and monies allow.
If you would like to take part, then please contact us.

Latest News:

The Man With No Face” has been entered into the following festivals:

  • London International Story First Film Festival
  • East End Film FestivalRejected
  • Drunken Film FestivalRejected
  • The Edinburgh Indie Film Festival

Winter of Discontent” & “Scream – No one hears you” has been enter into the:

  • Winchester Short Film FestivalCheers

Richard & Graham