We are an Indie Film Company based in Salisbury, established in 2014 to make films with like minded people.

We have several long term projects in the pipe-line, “Murder by Shakespeare. Our feature film “The Ark Legacy” and several smaller projects including a Post Apocalyptic themed short, “Fear The Living”.

We are always on the lookout for Actors, Crew (especially Lighting & Sound), Script writers, Costume, Make-up, basically anyone who has an interest in making films. We make low, sometimes no budget films, we all give our time freely, but we do try and reimburse were we can, and monies allow. We have produced a “Talent Release Form”, click on the link to download a copy. If you would like to take part, then please contact us.

Live in Salisbury and want to connect with other filmmakers?
Then check out the newly created “Salisbury Film Makers” FaceBook group page.

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